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AU SHL: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 6
Disclaimer: I refuse to claim ownership of One Piece due to my desire to not get sued.
It took a couple of hours but Caout was eventually able to find Tide, who was just beginning to wake up, and Hazuki, whose clay restraints were only just breaking apart. Caout was also glad when the nutcrackers ran out of energy and finally let go of her.
By the time the girls were reunited, it was late at night.
"Now what're we going to do?" Tide asked as she rubbed the back of her neck.
"We should probably go back to the tropical side of the island and find a place to rest," Hazuki said as she brushed clay off of her clothes and clipped her glasses back to her necklace, since her vision was back to normal.
Caout crossed her arms in front of her and furrowed her brow.
"…Let's stay here," she said quietly.
Tide and Hazuki stared at her.
"But Caout," Hazuki said, "You said that we should go and get off this island."
"If this is about those boys…" Tide began.
"It is," Caout replied. Sh
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AU SHL: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 5
Disclaimer: I only own the OCs I made up here…Everything else belongs to Oda.
Caout and Tide rowed in silence while Hazuki looked over her maps to see if she could figure out where they were. The quiet was broken now and then by Caout muttering under her breath about the "betrayal" of that man with the yo-yos.
"Can't believe him…" she said angrily, "And I wanted him for our crew…Well, he can go to hell!"
"There, there, Listerra," Tide said with a sigh, "We'll find someone else to be our cook, okay?"
"…Fine," she replied, "But it better be a boy."
Tide looked over her shoulder at Caout and even Hazuki glanced up at that.
"What?" Caout asked when she saw their faces.
"You shouldn't be making a crew with people you're only attracted to," Hazuki stated.
"I know that," Caout said.
"But you just-" Tide began, only to be cut off by Caout.
"Look, I've always been part of co-ed groups. Hell, I feel more comfortable with guys than with girls! All I'm saying is that if we don'
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AU SHL: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 4
Disclaimer: As if I own One Piece…I'm not a creative mastermind like Oda!
"Rowing, rowing, on the ocean blue~! Rowing, rowing, is fun for me and you~!"
"Listerra, I swear I'm gonna push you overboard if you don't stop singing!"
Caout pouted at Tide, whose back was facing her since she too was rowing.
"Well, excuse me for trying to liven things up, Nyshairyn!" Caout said, "You two haven't said anything for ten minutes…It's boring!"
"We haven't said anything because I've been trying to find out where the hell we are!" Hazuki exclaimed as she poured over map after map while sitting on top of the bag of treasure they stole.
"You disappoint me, Haz," Caout said, clicking her tongue, "I thought you would be as skilled as Mom but it looks like that's not the case…"
Hazuki shot her a glare.
"We wouldn't be lost if you hadn't turned the boat into that freak current."
"To be fair," Caout said, "You said to go to port…How was I supposed to know if you meant my port or your por
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AU SHL: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 3
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece at all……Are we clear on that? Not. At. All.
"'Cruise time'?" Tide repeated, "Listerra, what the hell are you on about?"
"I've always wanted to go on a cruise!" Caout said in response, her eyes sparkling with excitement.
"…Caout…" Hazuki began slowly, "We've lived on a ship before, remember? Isn't that the same thing?"
"Of course not!" Caout replied, horrified by Hazuki's words, "Why would you say such a lie? C'mon, let's go!"
"Listerra, we're pirates now," Tide said, "Cruising is not something we do."
"Just because I'm a pirate, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good cruise!"
"Oh, forget it…Let's flag down the ship and-"
"NO!" Caout shouted, startling the others, "We're pirates! We have to sneak aboard!"
Tide and Hazuki, after silently shaking their heads at Caout's words, swam over to the side of the large passenger ship, Tide dragging Caout with one hand. They noticed the large amount of netting hanging off the side o
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AU SHL: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 2
Disclaimer: The only stuff I can claim to own are a few One Piece and Hetalia DVDs, some stuffed toys, a few music boxes, a lot of books and my OCs….And my laptop…Everything else is not mine.
The sun shone brightly in the blue, cloudless sky. There was a healthy breeze and the seas near Dawn Island were calm.
Perfect weather to set sail in…
"I can't believe they're setting off already," Makino said as she stood by the port where she had bid farewell to another young pirate several years ago.
"I can't believe those girls are following in Luffy's footsteps!" old Mayor Woop Slap said angrily, "That boy has been a horrible influence on those kids!"
"Now, Mayor," Makino said with a laugh, "I know you're proud of Luffy…"
"Why would I be proud that the world's most infamous criminal came from our village??!!" Woop Slap shouted, though Makino knew him too well to take his words seriously, "And where is that kid of yours, Makino?"
"Said goodbye yesterday and is moping
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AU Straw Hat Legacies: A Name For Ourselves Ch. 1
Disclaimer: One Piece has not ever nor will it ever be mine. I only clam ownership of the OCs that I created in this story.
Raftel…An island that lay far away from other civilizations…Far in the distance.
To those who had never seen the island, that place was a mystery, an enigma. So many myths and legends were forged over the years about that place none ever saw…
But Gold Roger and the crew of the Oro Jackson did see it. They sailed where no man in living memory had gone before. And it was there that they hid the infamous treasure known as the One Piece.
Years passed and no other ever came close to that island…
That is, until a ship bearing a skull with a straw hat came around.
Captain Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates became more than infamous around the world. A new Pirate King had been crowned. A new legend had been born.
Then, the legend became a father, as did others in that crew. But one of the children, the Pirate King's beloved older daughter
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SHL: The Silver Bullet SNEAK PREVIEW
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece but I do own these OCs that I made up, okay?
"The runt won't shut up!" the guard said as he held the crying child with disgust.
"You were never much of the babysitting type," the other guard mocked, earning a glare from the former.
"Where the hell are those Leonaise siblings?!"
"Since when am I a caretaker?!"
"You don't want to? Well, that's too freakin' bad, isn't it?! It's Master's orders!"
"Who is she?" Arrow asked curiously.
"I'm D. Caout!"
"What's a Caout?"
"You just said you're 'The Caout', right?"
"NO! D. Caout! As in the letter!"
"Yuki-chan, it isn't fair! I don't have a surname like you guys!"
"Sorry, Caout, but we don't know it either," Yuki said as she pat Caout's head.
"Father Warren!" the kids called happily as the embraced the man.
"It's good to see you all again," Father Warren said gently to the group of children.
"Perfect……She'll be a
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Request: Romania X Reader- Ruined For Me
Disclaimer: I still don't own you or Hetalia…Kind of sad really…
You stretched as you sat in the back of the bus. You were tired from your long trip but didn't want to fall asleep.
After all, it wasn't often that you came to Romania.
When most people asked you about the one place you'd like to go to on vacation, they expected you to mention popular destinations, such as England, Italy, Spain, Japan…
Yet you surprised them each and every time by saying Romania.
The only reason they were surprised was because they didn't know of the strong connection you had to Romania.
When your grandparents were young newlyweds, they had visited the country for their honeymoon. While they were there, they befriended a friendly, yet somewhat eccentric, young man who actually lived in his very own castle.
Your grandparents grew very close to the young man and made sure to stay in contact with him after they left.
Over the years, your grandparents' friendship with the man grew strong
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Request: Italy X Reader- Birthday In Venice
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the Hetalia universe….Or you…
You gazed out the open window of your hotel room and breathed in the fresh air.
Here you were, in beautiful Venice, Italy. You had managed to save enough money so that you could spend one absolutely wonderful week in the famous city. You were happy because that also meant you had managed to score one week with your boyfriend.
Your boyfriend, the personification of North Italy, whom you called Veneziano to distinguish him from his brother, South Italy, or Romano…
You had met him about three years earlier, when a friend of yours had taken you along for a month's vacation in Rome.
While going through a crowded area, you became separated from your friend. You were confused about where you were and were scared, all alone…
…When, out of nowhere, someone had slammed into you.
The someone, who turned out to be a rather handsome young man with light brown hair, with an odd curl sticking out, and wa
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Scotland X Reader- Life's Worth Living
Disclaimer: I do not own you or Hetalia at all.
Warning: This is the first story I'm putting a warning for. That's because I feel that the contents of this story might hit a little too close to home for some of you readers. In this story are mentions of bullying that leads to thoughts/attempts of suicide. Though I do not get too descriptive of either, it still may make some of you uncomfortable. I apologize if it does and urge you not to continue if it is a sore topic for you.
It was the end of another long day of seventh grade. You sighed as you walked home from school. You greatly missed those days of old when the days were short and there wasn't so much work to do.
"And things will only get worse as I get older," you sighed.
You happened to look down one of the side streets. You didn't know why, you just did.
You saw a boy with messy, blood red hair. You recognized him as a new student to your school who had arrived about three months earlier.
A lot of the other students m
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Romano X Reader- Words and Dreams
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia or you or much else actually…
You breathed in the warm air and enjoyed the sunshine as you took a walk around Rome. You were happy to be able to call the ever beautiful, yet occasionally troublesome, city your home.
It had been about four years since you moved to the city in order to attend a college you had been eyeing for quite some time. Four years since you made quite a radical change in your life. It had also been four years since you met a very interesting character...
You were shopping for groceries when you saw him.
"Him" referred to a rather handsome young man who was purchasing tomatoes at the outdoor market, just a few feet away from you. He had dark brown hair, with an odd curl sticking out, and brown eyes. He was talking with the vendor in rapid-fire Italian. You hadn't gotten a firm grasp of the language but you figured he was haggling down the price of the tomatoes.
"He must really love tomatoes if he's buying that many," yo
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Prussia X Reader- That Which Divides Us Part 4 END
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or you…Or One Piece…Or a car of my own…Or a house of my own…Or a dog… (Goes to corner of woe over all the things I don't own).
Stare…All you could do was stare at it.
After crying yourself the sleep the night before, you awoke to the oddest sight outside your window. Not believing what you were seeing, you walked out of the house, not even bothering to change out of your nightgown. As you got closer and closer, you realized you weren't seeing things…
There were a bunch of concrete posts set up in a line, seeming to go on forever in either direction. Between these posts was barbed wire.
…There was a wall between East and West Berlin…
"Is this supposed to be a prank?" you asked yourself as other Berliners woke up and gathered to gaze at the structure from either side of it.
"I doubt that."
You turned around and spotted Ludwig walking towards you with Lovino and Feliciana in tow. They were all troubled by the st
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Prussia X Reader- That Which Divides Us Part 3
Disclaimer: Mean old copyrights and laws of humanity…Keeping me from owning Hetalia and the inhabitants of the world…
It was March of the year 1961…
You strolled about the streets of West Berlin, waving at the neighbors you had known all your life. You pulled your coat tighter around you to protect yourself from the cold air. You saw kids rushing to get to school and men who were heading off to work. You couldn't help but feel jealous of them…At least they had something to do.
Once you had finished your schooling at the age of eighteen, your father had decided that college was not an option for you. You argued with him, stating that times were changing and that you deserved to receive the same educational opportunities as men your age. But your father was stubborn and your mother wasn't going to side with you on this one.
Getting a job was out of the question as well. Apparently, it was "beneath you" to work and earn your own money…At least that was what
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Prussia X Reader- That Which Divides Us Part 2
Disclaimer: Me: Can I please, please, please own Hetalia? World: No! Me: ……Well, can I own you people? World: NO!
It was the spring of 1952…
You stretched inconspicuously as you sat in the warm classroom. Your teacher was lecturing in monotone about the division of Germany into East and West, and the similar division of Berlin. You didn't care, to be honest. For God's sake, you were an eleven year old kid stuck in school on a beautiful day! You couldn't be bothered to pay attention to your lessons, even if they involved what was happening to your country right before your very eyes.
Seeing that the teacher was keeping his eyes fixed on his lesson book as he talked, you looked around the classroom. There were those few students who were being diligent and taking notes as they were supposed to. However, for the most part, the other children were doodling in their books, talking in whispers to their neighbors or staring out the window.
You turned towards the window and star
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Prussia X Reader- That Which Divides Us Part 1
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia and I do not own you. Plain and simple.
Once upon a time, you had heard someone say, "That which divides us will only make us stronger." Your father had said something about how that person had mixed two separate quotes into one, but you didn't care. It had always sounded like a nice belief to you.
However, you were only a five year old girl living in the American controlled zone of Berlin, Germany in the year 1946. No one expected you to truly understand the darkness hidden by the seemingly simple phrase.
That phrase, though, was not on your mind at that moment. Instead, you had devoted your full attention to the little baby that was bundled up in a thick blanket, resting in her mother's arms.
"She's so cute!" you squealed when the mother showed you the infant, "What's her name?"
"Feliciana," the child's father replied, beaming with pride, "Feliciana Vargas…"
You nodded your approval at the name. You had been anxiously awaiting the birth of the ne
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Scotland X Reader- Friends Don't
Disclaimer: I own neither Hetalia nor you…One day that'll change…One…day…
When someone phones your house at two in the morning, that someone won't be telling you something you like.
You knew this to be a fact…Which was why you contemplated letting the call go to the answering machine. You had been in the middle of a nice, restful slumber when that damn shrill ringing woke you. Even if you did pick up the call, you would sound far too grouchy to make any civil conversation.
Don't answer…you repeated in your head, like a mantra. Don't answer. Don't answer. Don't answer.
But, when your imagination led you to think up horrible scenarios that would warrant a pre-sunrise phone call, you found yourself answering the phone.
"Hello?" you said groggily.
"____?" a gruff voice you knew all too well responded from the other end of the line.
"Yeah, Boss?" you replied slowly to your employer.
"I've got a riddle for ye. I got a bloomin' idiot in my pu
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Got this from :iconblackrose-wolf:

There is a hacker going around on Da and already hacked several pages such as

You or I could be the next so be careful.The hacker does penis pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she also remove all your watches.Just wanted to put this out there; figured if they know that I'm aware of them, they won't hack me, idea would be to spread this.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AROUND!!!''

I'm not very active anymore, but I still want to warn everyone! Also, I'd hope you'd all expect a hacker if I suddenly started behaving weirdly out of nowhere.


I love watching anime and reading manga. My two obsessions are One Piece and Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm a bit of an oddball but my friends say I'm entertaining to be around. In case you were curious, I also have a account! However, I only go by lasmn there!



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